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National Executive Committee 21 September 2010 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 18:07

This was Harriet Harman’s last meeting as acting leader.  She paid tribute to the new MPs and the veterans for taking the fight to the coalition, and thanked the NEC, general secretary Ray Collins and the party staff, and her office team.  Council by-elections since May showed Labour taking 34% of the vote, with the Tories on 28% and the LibDems on 19%, and 33,000 members had joined since the general election.   One said:  “Iraq drove me out of the party, Nick Clegg drove me back in.”  The new leader would inherit a fast-growing, popular and united party, with the next big electoral test in the Welsh and Scottish elections in May 2011.  If a referendum on the alternative vote (AV) was held on the same day the result could be biased through differential turnout and this, as well as the threatened boundary changes, was a cause for concern. 

Shenanigans at Conference Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 October 2010 12:29

Every year angry CLP delegates complain to us about the way regional briefing meetings are being used to shepherd delegates in a pro-platform direction. On Sunday, at the South West delegates’ briefing, Exeter MP, Ben Bradshaw, spoke from the top table. He said that “we recommend” delegates vote for the four trade union subjects in the contemporary motions’ Priorities Ballot but admitted that Housing might also be considered as a subject to vote for. One perceptive delegate pointed out that CLPs would be better advised to vote for four separate subjects to the Unions in order that Conference could have a wider range of debates. A regional official promptly slapped him down – “we don’t want to overload Conference with too many resolutions”.

Bradshaw then went on to list CAC and Auditor candidates that “we recommend” delegates vote for.
At the South West reception last night four out of five regional victors in the NPF CLP ballot were announced from the platform and called up to receive congratulations. The other victor, who also happened to be the sole candidate supported by the Grassroots Alliance, was treated as a non-person.

Campaign Briefing 2010 Print E-mail
Monday, 30 August 2010 15:56
Campaign Briefing 2010 can be downloaded from here .
National Policy Forum (Councillor Section) Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 August 2010 15:36
Vote for Cllr Angela Cornforth
Labour Councillor for 20 years, serving on Lewisham and Greenwich Councils, Deputy Leader in both.
Treasurer of her Unite Branch and Secretary Greenwich Coop Party.
On the NPF Angela would press for local government to have a higher profile and for a coordinated strategy for fighting the government's attacks.
National Policy Forum elections 2010 Print E-mail
Friday, 03 September 2010 11:41
Vote for the centre-left candidates in the regions as below.
Contemporary Issues 2010 Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 August 2010 15:43
Each CLP can submit a Contemporary Issue Proposal to this year’s Annual Conference (closing date 12 noon on 17 September), provided the CLP did not submit a rule change in 2010 (deadline 30 July).

Contemporary Issue Proposals are one of the few opportunities that constituencies have to influence the Conference agenda and thus the Party’s policy making.

CLPD's letter to CLPs can be found here .

CLPD's model draft Contemporary Issue Proposals can be found here .
Peter Willsman's Guide to Conference Print E-mail
Monday, 23 August 2010 15:17

Peter Willsman's Guide to Conference can be found here

Since the guide was published the CAC has sent the following advice to clps.

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