What Labour's Right Wing really thinks Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2009 14:08
Luke Akehurst, reportedly an officer of the hard right organisation, Labour First, sometimes lets on as to just how off the wall the Right Wing are. For example, he has publicly stated that what he has been most proud of in Labour's second term is the invasion of Iraq. In January, he went on record (on his blog), attacking the NEC's Code of Conduct for party officials, stating - 'the daft code of conduct stops Labour staff doing their job. They should not be neutral referees. They should be able to promote the candidates and policies of the elected leadership of the party against their internal critics. Back in Morgan Phillips' day ...... there was none of this nonsense about neutrality, the party staff explicitly had a role in giving the left a kicking.'

Gwyneth Dunwoody was the daughter of Morgan Phillips, a comrade who upheld the impartial rule book and was not a cheat. Were she still with us it is likely she would have something to say to Luke.

Readers should be aware that a number of party staff are firm supporters of Labour First. Indeed, our former General Secretary, Margaret McDonagh, has addressed its AGMs. There are also some officials in every major union linked to Labour First, along with a handful of MPs. They organise the opposition slate to the Grassroots Alliance. Their guru is John Spellar MP. You have been warned.