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Wednesday, 26 August 2009 13:54
Important Rule change proposals on the agenda at the 2009 Annual Conference


Delegates at this year’s Conference at Brighton will have an opportunity to vote on several vital rule change proposals that will be moved by constituency reps. These were submitted last year, but under an obscure convention (known as the ‘1968 Ruling’) they are first referred to the NEC for its considered opinion and are not timetabled for debate and vote until the following year’s Conference.  This may seem a sensible procedure, but in practice it has not lived up to the intentions of its originators in 1968.  The NEC was supposed to give thorough consideration to all proposed rule changes, but in fact the NEC hardly looks at them and every year invariably rejects all rule change suggestions from CLPs. 


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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 13:46

Annual Conference to review 2007 changes


In summer 2007, shortly after he became Leader, Gordon Brown submitted a document (“Extending and Renewing Party Democracy”) to the NEC recommending a number of changes to Annual Conference procedures.  Both the NEC and later Annual Conference accepted these changes.  The main thrust of these proposals was to replace “Contemporary Motions” by “Contemporary Issues”. 


Before the advent of New Labour every CLP and Union could send motions and amendments to Conference and the whole agenda of Conference largely revolved around these motions.  Tony Blair changed all that.  Conference was downgraded to little more than a glorified rally, with only four motion subjects allowed onto the agenda for debate and vote.  A further restriction was introduced in that these motions could only be “contemporary motions”, in other words they had to cover an issue arising after the end of July in each year.


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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 13:39

Vote for Gaye Johnston and Gary Heather

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