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Saturday, 09 October 2010 12:29

Every year angry CLP delegates complain to us about the way regional briefing meetings are being used to shepherd delegates in a pro-platform direction. On Sunday, at the South West delegates’ briefing, Exeter MP, Ben Bradshaw, spoke from the top table. He said that “we recommend” delegates vote for the four trade union subjects in the contemporary motions’ Priorities Ballot but admitted that Housing might also be considered as a subject to vote for. One perceptive delegate pointed out that CLPs would be better advised to vote for four separate subjects to the Unions in order that Conference could have a wider range of debates. A regional official promptly slapped him down – “we don’t want to overload Conference with too many resolutions”.

Bradshaw then went on to list CAC and Auditor candidates that “we recommend” delegates vote for.
At the South West reception last night four out of five regional victors in the NPF CLP ballot were announced from the platform and called up to receive congratulations. The other victor, who also happened to be the sole candidate supported by the Grassroots Alliance, was treated as a non-person.

Shenanigans at Brighton 2009 Print E-mail
Monday, 28 December 2009 14:59

Yet again at the Party’s 2009 Annual Conference in Brighton there were many examples of full time regional officials putting illegitimate pressure on CLP delegates to vote in line with a right wing agenda. Under their terms of employment all Party staff are expected to be impartial civil servants. Unfortunately, all too often, many seem to see their role as acting as out riders for the Blairite and hard right Labour First caucus. Under Blair this despicable behaviour had the full support of No 10 and was particularly aimed at preventing CLP delegates from supporting ‘controversial’ motions from the Unions. The Brown office do not seem to be so keen on paid officials corrupting party democracy.

Disturbing stories - candidate selections Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 August 2009 09:13
The selection process for choosing Labour candidates to fight next May’s London council elections is currently taking place. I’ve had lots of very disturbing stories of good councillors and potential candidates being left off the panel, which means they are prevented from going to wards to be considered. In quite a few places, the Regional Party has been involved.
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