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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 08:38

By Peter Willsman, Secretary CLPD

Regular visitors to Left Futures will be aware that the Party is piloting a revised and truncated procedure for the selection of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs). This is currently being operated in 26 seats identified by the NEC as ‘early bird’ marginals. The NEC’s Organisation Committee has given an undertaking to properly review the Pilot. A thorough review is vital because the Pilot has major deficiencies, which I will come to in a moment.

There has already been disquiet amongst Party members in several of the ‘early bird’ CLPs. The Pilot was not flagged up in the Refounding Labour documents, but it seems that it is being swept up under that general heading. Indeed, senior party officials took advantage of the cover provided by the rule change on Refounding Labour to illegitimately delete the whole of the procedure for selection PPCs from the Rule Book. Clearly certain officials have already made up their minds about what will happen.

Report of Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) AGM 2011 Print E-mail
Friday, 04 March 2011 10:14
CPLD held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 19 February at Conway Hall in central London.  Given that the date clashed with Ken Livingstone’s Progressive London conference at Congress House nearby, it was good to see so many Labour Party (LP) activists opting to attend our conference. 
Arguments against AV put together by CLPD’s Secretary Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 December 2010 18:22

•    AV benefits the Lib Dems.  It has been estimated by the British election study team at Essex University that under AV the number of Lib Dem MPs would rise from 57 to 89, while the Tories would drop from 307 to 285 and labour from 258 to 248.

•    The only countries using AV are Australia, Fiji and the Pacific island of Nauru (The Papua New Guineans dropped it and the Fijians are having their doubts).

•    AV makes coalition governments much more likely.  The Lib Dems will be the kingmakers – they are as likely to go with the Tories as with Labour.  “AV opens the door to a new political world in which coalitions become the norm, and single-party majority government a distant memory.  Defeat for AV could quickly end the Coalition Government.  But success would bind it together – for a long time to come” Vernon Bogdanor, Cameron’s tutor at Oxford.

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